Virtual Community Center – A tour

Once the server space is repurchased and funded for one year we will rebuild the virtual community center. It has taken many forms over the past few years varying based on funding available. At once point, this was the community center:

We have used the virtual community center for many outreach projects with the autism community. One example of that was our autism art museum. We went out into the real world autism community and found artists who wanted to showcase their work within our virtual center.

All art showcased had digital tags that let visitors be redirected to the original artists webpages for further information and to even purchase their art work directly:

We routinely set up weekly and night events to promote socialization. We had guest speakers that included artists, business people and even licensed therapists who would set up their own events as part of our outreach. We have even given the option to local churches to have service on Sundays in their own area so that those who are more faith oriented have their needs met as well.

We even have the Autism Society of America interested in moving their virtual outreach center to our Virtual Community Center project once it is online so we will have even more real world resources for the autism community and their family to learn from.

For now, through a partnership with the Autism Society this is our virtual community center! We have space for a support group for any therapist or group leader that wants to use the space. We have an art section that will showcase art from autistic artists worldwide as we grow and other fun community building activities.