Past Board Members and Donors of Note

1.Steve Zabawa: Steve contributed in many ways to the founding of Guardian Spirit, Inc. In fact without his assistance we wouldn’t have existed as a company at all. He donated time, the use of the Mercedes Benz conference area, office supplies and he paid the $1000.00 filing fee in order for us to register as a 501c3

2. Rae Lynn Jordan: Rae Lynn Jordan was a rock star with Guardian Spirit as she was both our treasurer and accountant. She also donated the time to prepare and file the 501c3 paperwork. We couldn’t have done it without her.

3. John Poer: John came out of retirement from a career as an assistant director in film with credits to his name such “Pete’s Dragon” the original film, not the remake.

4. Renee Talbot: Renee, who is also on the autism spectrum has donated both the money for the state filing fee and the money to restart the website!

5. Redd Szillat: Redds Printing has donated a lot of web design and graphic assistance for our website as well as printing a lot of materials for us over the years!