Current Board of Directors

1.Marcus Morris: Founder and Executive Director. Marcus is a 36 year old man with Asperger’s Syndrome and is also the father of two autistic little boys. Marcus has been attending various universities since 1998 with a special interest in Psychology, Cultural Anthropology, Philosophy and Justice Administration. These universities include: The University of Louisville and Montana State University Billings.

**Marcus Morris has never and will never draw a salary from any work associated with Guardian Spirit, Inc. This is typical of nonprofit boards. There is no financial incentive at all for any board member of a 501c3 Nonprofit company.

2. Robert Saunders: Local businessman and politician. He has experience working with youth through his time at Parks Martial Arts Academy. He also has a passion for empowering people to be their best selves while helping them gain the tools to live independently.

3. Donna Huston: Founder of the Second Chance Home, a nonprofit with over seven years of serving the community. She has experience with special needs children and adults as well as having a keen business eye.

4. John Poer: Again John comes out of retirement to assist in a program that by virtue of his friendship with me, he helped create.

5. Michelle Morris: My wife and also the mother of our two autistic little boys. It is my hope that her experience as a store manager and as a wife/mother of those on the autism spectrum that she will be a stabilizing force on our board.

6. Renee Talbot:  Renee is a 33 year old autistic woman and is also the first person that mentored under Marcus with Guardian Spirit as it formed. She has been employed at Sears for over two years.

Special Advisory Team

1. Kim Kimmel, Summer McNea Accounting: Treasurer and accountant

2. Janine Kruiswijk: Executive Director Autism Society of America, Albany New York