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Gender Socialism

What is it called when one takes money from one group against their will, in order to give that money to another group who didn’t work for it? Socialism right?

“a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.”

We can all agree I think that what is in your pocket belongs to you. We can also all agree that the common good is a valid theory. We all use roads, schools, etc. These are things that our money is taken for that ultimately benefit everyone, not just a special group of people.

I am going to apply that same logic to gender in regards to transgender -rights- and gender fluidity as a whole.

The vast majority don’t associate with either being transgender or gender fluid. In all honesty until it is brought up in some controversial way or other, normally sexed people probably don’t consider it at all. I know that I never did.

In recent years there has been a strong push for “rights” for transgender people. These rights they are seeking unfortunately come at the expense of others and this is wrong.

In Chicago:

A boy who believes he is a girl, who is sexually attracted to girls is demanding the right to shower openly with natural born teenage girls. The argument from the left is that there is no difference from a lesbian showering with other women and a man who believes he is a woman doing the same thing. Think about that for just a minute…

Women have been fighting for equal protection under the law for a long time. Women have been fighting to keep their bodies their own business. Women have been fighting to avoid being seen as sexual objects. Women have been fighting for respect and they are right for having done so.

Women deserve their privacy. Now you have a male who has a birth defect in the brain that believes he is a woman. That belief is not shared by normal women. They know he is not what he thinks he is and for physical evidence you can point to the penis that will be on display in the shower. A man is demanding access to a woman’s area because he feels entitled to it due to his personal beliefs… not reality… just his personal belief based on a faulty self body image caused by a birth defect in the brain.

Women are being treated badly and insulted for not wanting a man in their shower. Parent’s are called bigots for not wanting a man in the shower with their daughter.

I don’t care where you go to the bathroom, you have the privacy of stalls. However communal showers still exist in many high schools. Locker rooms exist to change clothing so there is always brief nudity.

A man who thinks he is a woman may feel like a woman internally but the physical reality for those around him is very different. In the same way that socialism wants to take from one to give to another, in this case social justice people seem to want to take the comfort and dignity of the women and bestow it on the man with a birth defect without regard to the comfort and dignity of the real women.

IF the women were all universally ok with having a biological male in the shower, would they be of an age to consent to that if the male wasn’t gender confused? The age of consent for sexual things is 16 to 18 depending on your state. Nudity is by default seen as sexual in mixed company. When a 16 year old girl sends a nude photo to her boyfriend that is considered child pornography. If an 19 year old undresses in front of a 16 year old girl that can be considered sexual assault. A minor doesn’t have the right to choose for themselves yet… and that is because the brain isn’t even close to being fully developed at those ages.

In this age of “gender socialism” it has become socially acceptable to take the rights, comfort and safety of one group and violate it in favor of whatever special minority group has come along and demanded it to be done.

If socialism never works for the financial system’s of a country, if the US is opposed to systemized socialism as a form of government then how can we be ok with a form of gender socialism.

A few years ago, we would have been getting psychiatric help for people that claimed to be gender fluid, gender confused, etc. Now, we are being forced to celebrate a medical condition? They aren’t special, wonderful, etc because of a medical condition. Its not a magical situation that anyone should be envious of. We should feel empathy and be supportive, I totally agree on that. After all they can’t control being born with a birth defect. However there is a line being crossed from supportive empathy to deliberate insanity when we all choose to agree with the delusional self image brought on by a birth defect.

I personally can’t lie. Well, I can but I am horrible at it. I will never do it on purpose no matter who’s feelings it might protect. If a lie is needed to protect your self image, what does that tell you about your self image?

If someone who hears voices tell’s you that his toaster talks to him, you don’t ask if you can listen in. I don’t remember who said this but it was funny and accurate.

The argument that is made is that the physical safety of the trans person is at risk when we as a whole do not feed into the delusion. If we don’t reinforce the false self image and pretend that the man really is a woman, then his risk of suicide jumps up. I have news for many of you… someone else choosing to commit suicide is never anyone’s fault but their own. Guilt tactics do not work on me. If someone had properly helped the poor confused individual maybe suicide wouldn’t have seemed the best option. Since when is lying seen as proper and beneficial help for anything?

Dishonesty enmasse does not make a delusion the reality. A person with this disorder doesn’t deserve to be hated for it or mistreated because of it but by the same token no one else deserves to be made to feel unsafe, uncomfortable or unwanted because they do not want this person invading their space.

If you think male and female is a gender construct, you are an idiot. I will give you the point that gender roles have been too long stereotyped at the expense of women but what you do is not who you are. Just because I am a stay at home Dad does not make me a Feminine male. It makes me a Man who raises his kids because his wife is better in the work place. It doesn’t make her a masculine woman because she likes to wear jeans, tee shirts and holds a management position.

It is seriously time for “gender socialism” to be shown for the lie it is. Instead of building everyone up, it seeks to build up a few at the expense of the many. Instead of women being entitled to the rights they have fought for, now women are being forced to cohabitate with men who have a birth defect that leads to gender confusion.

Here is another great example:

REAL men and women are biological and physiologically different. We have different strengths and weaknesses. How does it make any rational sense to allow men who associate with being women while still benefitting from the increased muscle mass, bone density and general increased athleticism of being male compete against women who train every single day to be their best?

This is the same thing as taking someone who has a lifetime of steroid use to bolster their performance and physique and then allowing them to compete once they essentially change drugs.

Regardless of how you feel inside, you will never be the woman you think you are on the inside. I feel bad for you, I empathize with you but I will not lie to you.

One argument in favor of trans using the gender they identify with as a safety issue is the threat of sexual assault against them if they use the bathroom they are biologically built for.

Ok… if you are a man who believes he is a woman and you are forced to use the men’s room and men’s shower… and you are PRE OP… do you seriously believe that normal, straight men are going to sexually assault you? You do understand the concept of being heterosexual right? If a straight man were to sexually assault or rape a man who believed he was a woman… that would be homosexual behavior… So are you scared of straight men or gay men?

Maybe you define sexual assault differently than a vast majority?

Sexual assault is any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient. Falling under the definition of sexual assault are sexual activities as forced sexual intercourse, forcible sodomy, child molestation, incest, fondling, and attempted rape.

Are you perhaps living with another delusion on top of your existing gender confusion? Do you think that because you see yourself as a woman that a straight man will see you as a woman as well and see a potential victim to prey on? I have news for you… unless you are post op… you are a man in a mans body to us normal, straight guys. Sexually assaulting you doesn’t even cross our minds. So… you are demanding the right to make women uncomfortable… because of an irrational fear with no basis in reality that is predicated on your faulty self image which is itself based on a delusion brought on by a birth defect.

No, I am not a Christian conservative. No, I don’t hate anyone. I do however believe that everyone deserves to be comfortable but not at the expense of others. If someone somewhere wants to open up a third option bathroom and shower and give everyone a choice on which bathroom to use and which shower to use I would love to see a study done on which bathroom is used the most often by which sex or which gender confused.

Instead of demanding something you have no right to, the usurpation of the rights of biological women in favor of your false belief of your sex based on a birth defect that is beyond your control why not do the study I propose.

Lets see how many biological women jump at the chance to shower with the males, after all gender has nothing to do with sexuality and a liberated woman should have nothing to fear right?

Dress as a woman in public, fine. Be referred to as a woman, fine… so long as I have never known you as a man I won’t be lying if the name you give me is the name I refer to you by. Use whatever bathroom floats your boat, considering how horrible the men’s room normally looks in public places I don’t blame you for wanting to use the womens room.

When nudity is involved, it puts the lie to your faulty self image and puts others in a position of discomfort and unease. It makes biological women feel less safe and less respected when a biological man can invade her space when she is in a vulnerable position.









Self Identify as Human

After reading an article about gender fluidity becoming a part of basic health classes in elementary schools, I decided enough was enough and that it was time for me to say something. 

I hope that I have managed to write this article in a friendly, non judgmental and conversational way but I know that no matter how well written that some will respond negatively. To those people I say, I respect your opinion but do not agree with it.

I am an unapologetic agnostic. I love the morality of the Bible, but the mysticism is a bit harder for me to believe in. That being said, I am also someone who is willing to see and admit when there is a problem. There has been a big problem for society since we have taken the Bible away from main stream focus.

While I don’t personally hold to any particular belief of a heaven and hell, sadly many people need that greater power in order to make healthy decisions for them… and to force them out of the bubble of self interest.

We have replaced the word with the web. I am sure any of those reading this can see the irony. We as a society have gotten ourselves trapped in a web of our own creation. 

Once, people who felt different and alienated might seek help from professionals or their community in order to be better able to be part of their community; now we have those people building digital communities of their own online for the sole purpose of finding comfort and to reinforce their faulty self image.

Sadly, there seems to be strength in imaginary numbers. It is easy to convince yourself that you aren’t the one with a problem when you have ten other people agreeing with you who suffer in the same way that you do. After all, how wrong could you be if these other people also share your delusional state?

One of the arguments against having religion as part of the governance of society is that everyone is entitled to their own belief system. You simply are not allowed to force your belief on anyone else. It is considered rude and obnoxious.

How is forcing imaginary gender identities, sexual proclivities and kinks onto others and forcing them to not only accept this as sane but as normal any different than forcing your religion on someone else.

I would argue that this new focus on gender identity is a religion unto itself. It’s a religion OF self. It is self worship and idol building in the pursuit of converting others to your belief system.

A Christian man comes up to you and during the conversation you refer to him with male pronouns. He is outraged, how dare you not use his self identified pro nouns of “Son of Christ” instead of man, boy, etc. He insists that you only use his self identified language in order to communicate with him or you are not respecting his rights as a person of faith.

That same man is now filling out a job application. Under race/nationality he chooses to self identify as “Christian American”. 

Are you curious as to how many eyebrows in the hiring office would go up upon reading that self identification?  During the interview he informs the interviewer that he needs to be addressed by his self identified pronouns as a documented “Christian American.”

 If this were a speech versus an article, I would be asking for a show of hands on how many people believe this “Son of Christ” would get the job he applied for… or if the interviewer would politely say that they have more interviews scheduled and they will get back with him err… sorry… “The Son of Christ” and let them know if a position becomes available.

Would you be outraged if someone chose to “self identify” in this way? Would it bother you if he and those who believed as he did tried to force their “self identity” onto others by showcasing their “lifestyle” in every popular media and slipping it into every book and conversation?

Your personal held beliefs are just that, yours. You can self identify however you choose but you cannot and should not try to force those around you to believe in the same system that you identify with for yourself.

How you see yourself is valid and important but only to you. You have no control over how others see you and why should you ever feel as if you should?

Everyone deserves to be accepted as being human. We can all agree on that. Anything beyond basic humanity however is completely subjective and has no place being forced onto anyone else in order to conform to your self- image.

Our Virtual Community Center

Good morning everyone.

Guardian Spirit, Inc. a Billings Montana 501c3 is working with the Autism Society of America to create a virtual community center within the Second Life game world.

The purpose of this virtual community center is to have a space to meet, have support groups, social events and display the talent of autistic artists worldwide.

Our goal is to have weekly social events as a community building tool. We also have space available for peer run support groups for both parents and teens/adults on the spectrum. We also have a volunteer team that will be available to help you find resources and support in your local area.

There is no fee to use Second Life and no fee to take advantage of the services and events at our Virtual Community Center.


To sign up for a free Second Life account:

To download an easier to use viewer for SL:

To visit the Virtual Community Center once you are in world:

To learn more about Guardian Spirit, Inc. :

To contact me directly:

Marcus Morris
(406) 698 -1679


Twitter: @marcmorr6

When you feel hopeless, be the light in someone else’s sky.

For years, I have shared my story with people. I have had more than one person ask why I don’t try to capitalize on my story, as it would make a good movie or book. I know some on the spectrum have done that in order to earn a living while helping others but it just isn’t why I share.

I have lived with a deep loneliness punctuated by terror and accented by brief flashes of hope. What I realized in my teen years was that those flashes of hope don’t happen for everyone, or possibly they are so beaten down by their situation that they can’t recognize those shimmering lifelines that can appear no more than mirage’s.

I still vividly remember crying myself to sleep, asking God why I was alone. I would ask why I was sent away again, was I such a bad person? I remember the Christmas mornings when I had nothing to open while watching the other kids in the home’s spend time with their visiting family members. It was never so much the gifts that I envied but the love. Gifts would have been nice too, but that was a secondary concern.

While I have had that dark, lonely and hateful time in my life I have also had brilliant moments of joy and love. For every family that didn’t work out, I kept a few of the members in my heart and they did the same. For every home that broke, I learned better how to keep my future family together.

It would have been easy to let myself wallow. It would have been easier still to become angry and bitter at the world like so many of my peers did. If the bulk of my childhood was the darkness of night, those flashes of hope were the stars to me. They were the constellations that I used to navigate my way into adulthood.

I know that many of the families that I talk to now, especially the autistic teens and adults on the spectrum have trouble seeing the stars from where they are. The stress of living with being born different, the stress and pain of failed friendships and relationships and the anxiety that comes from the sure knowledge that it can never get better acts as a miasmic fog that blocks your view.

You might think that there are no stars, or that they are so faint that you can’t see them. You are wrong. In every life, in every heart there are the glimmering’s of hope. However faint they might appear to be, they are there. Just like looking up at the  sky on a cloudy night, the trick is to find the first, brightest star possible and work your way out from there.

I was told once in a group session many years ago that abused children are destined to grow up and become abusers themselves… if they don’t make a choice to be someone else. I took that statement to the logical next step and decided that I wanted more from my life than to just avoid becoming an abuser. If I can choose that, I can choose something better as well. I can choose to be there for others in the way that I had wished for so long that others would be there for me.

I don’t want to make a lot of money, though it would be nice to bring in something to help my wife. I don’t want to be famous and held up as an ideal. What I want is simple.

I want to be the starting point of hope for as many people as I can be. I want to help others light up their own night sky and turn dusk into a brilliant sunrise of a new day. I can’t fix everyone, I can’t solve every problem… but I can be there and be available. I can share my story and I can live my life with an open heart while doing as many little things that are within my power to do in order to improve the lives of others.

My choice was to become the person that I cried myself to sleep asking for as a child. That choice, defining myself by the defiance I feel toward the way things are in favor of how they should be is what has lifted the darkness from my life.

That choice to accept that others can’t or won’t give me what I needed as a child but that I could instead become that person for others opened doors for me. If I didn’t live my life the way I do, I never would have found my wife. I wouldn’t be much of a father. I would be bitter, angry and hurting still.

By helping others, I heal myself. By being there for others, I alleviate my own loneliness. Instead of waiting for others to solve my problems and comfort me… I choose to serve others and comfort them instead.

At your darkest moment, be the light for someone else. When you feel the most alone, be a shoulder to cry on for someone who also feels alone. When you feel the most lost, use your life experience to guide someone else even if only in small ways.

There is always hope, because you are the arbiter of hope and change for those around you. You may very well not be able to change your situation in life. It may be beyond you and you may want to just stop moving and give up. Instead… reach out and care for others. Your pain gets less with the more kindness and love you give others. Trust me, this is something that I live every day and hold very dear to my heart.

I believe in you, I don’t even know you. I know you have potential to do great things even if they are only ever small things because you will do them for others without thinking about a reward or payoff for yourself. The best way to find love, is to give it.


Marcus Morris

406 698 1679 (texts only after 6pm Mountain time)





Change can be good, Adjusting your coping mechanisms on the autism spectrum and why you should!

After a few conversations I have had over the weekend, I think this article needs to be written though I dread the reaction to it at a personal level. I know in advance that there is a good chance that this article will be seen as offensive by some or even possibly intolerant but it is not being written in that way or for that purpose. If you read it through to the end, I am fairly sure you will agree with me at least in spirit.

We on the spectrum are always going to struggle to fit in. That is a given, as it is part of who we are. However we can impact to what degree we are able to fit in successfully and be accepted as the wonderful people we are.

There is a reason that I focus on the virtual community center and employment advocacy with Guardian Spirit, Inc. In both situations, you can define very easily what is expected from you in a social situation. You know what outfit will be acceptable -I personally have always loved uniforms as it takes the work out of knowing what to wear!- , You know what behaviors are expected within that particular environment and you have a fairly good idea of what is expected of you socially. I can control those two situations which make it easier for me to help others be successful in them.

I know that many of you have tried to learn environment specific coping mechanisms to varying degrees of success. I know that the failures are taken personally and hurt at a deep emotional level. That hurt lead’s to despair, which leads to anger which unfortunately leads to a type of sullen rebellion that just compounds the struggle you are already having.

One of the reason I avoided social media for a few years was because of what passes for activism. I watched as angry young men and women who were miserable trying to fit in, failing and hurting because of the failure advocate for everyone to just “be themselves” and “do what feels natural”

Surrender is not a useful activism strategy.

In case you weren’t aware, even those we consider “normal” have to conform to specific social situations in order to be successful. They might do it with a bit more success than we have been known to achieve but it is still a work in progress even for them.

Our struggle isn’t what makes us special and deserving of attention and accommodation. Our strength born from our struggle to achieve social acceptance and independence are what makes us special.

I know there are many “advocacy” groups that send out a message of “there is no need to try, the world needs to change for you!” This is a logical fallacy. What is the chance that the world in its entirety is going to conform to fit our symptoms?

We all deal with social anxiety issues to one degree or another. As teens and adults we have adapted coping techniques that work for us. Unfortunately most of those coping techniques were created, learned and applied when we are children.

Let me give an example. I surround myself with Transformers at home. I don’t play with them, I just feel calmer when I can see my collection. In my younger years, when an employment situation got uncomfortable for me but I wanted to keep trying, I did what seemed to make perfect sense. I took my toys to work.


This did not quite work the way I had hoped. Instead of relieving some of the social anxiety I was feeling and calming me, my toys drew more attention to me thus making me even more uncomfortable. That increased level of discomfort led to an inability to cope. That inability to cope eventually led to loss of employment. As a child, bringing a favorite toy with you as a calming tool is socially acceptable. As an adult, it isn’t.

I have adapted over the years and found socially acceptable methods of self soothing that work for me. You will rarely see me without a piece of technology. I will have my Kindle, my Smartphone, my smart watch, even a Gameboy when I can get away with it. I don’t need to be using them; they just need to be available to me if I start feeling anxious.

This is an example of a bad choice in self soothing and an alternative choice that actually works in the adult world. After all, how many adults do you see without a cell phone or watch? No one needs to know why I carry around my gadgets even if they never see me use them. They assume I use them for the same purpose that they do, is socially acceptable camouflage for me.

There seems to be a lot of confusion between where autism ends and co-morbid conditions begin. I can’t help you with co-morbid conditions other than to learn from you what that condition is and help mitigate it as best I can. For some of those issues you seek professional help instead of ignoring them and attributing them to ASD.

If you want to work on being more socially acceptable, start small. Take a few minutes to write down your coping mechanisms and then take a few more minutes to write down the response you have seen from others when you employ them.

The coping mechanisms that give you a negative interaction socially can be adjusted. In my example, instead of a toy I now carry around something that serves the same purpose without the negative social reaction.

I know this is going to seem like a lot of pointless work to some of you. After all, no one is complaining to you about anything directly. Sure, you have trouble holding employment and people seem to avoid you but that isn’t something you did right? If that is the case, would it hurt to try something new just for the novelty of it since it won’t cost you anything extra?

Most “normal” people are too “polite” to let you know when you smell bad, when you dress like a badly put together stuffed animal, when you have crossed a mental threshold for what they feel is socially acceptable. They don’t give you a heads up, they avoid you or the humor you. I honestly don’t know which of those two options is worse. We are left wondering what we did, what we said… or if the other person just didn’t like us.

My philosophy on social interactions is simple. Since I know that most people won’t tell me what I need to know in order to be successful with them, I take as many precautions before I leave the house as possible. If I know that I am as on point as I can be, any social interactions that go badly can be more easily put into context and addressed.



If I know that I look presentable within the context of where I will be socially than I know it isn’t my outfit or hygiene that is the issue when something goes wrong socially. If I have my cell phone in my pocket instead of a toy to self soothe, I know that no one would notice or care because that is a socially acceptable daily tool.

You can learn to be as put together as you possibly can be and it can become a very soothing routine in and of itself. In fact, I have trouble functioning when I can’t follow all my preparation steps on a given day. This is a skill we are all capable of but it does rely on a bit of willingness on your part to ask good questions both to yourself and from others.

How you dress matters. How you present yourself matters. What you choose to carry around with you matters. Your hygiene matters.

Never let anyone convince you that you should stop trying to change yourself. Life is change. Never let anyone tell you that what people think of you doesn’t matter. It matters when taken in context. It matters for successful employment. It matters for successful relationships and it matters for your own happiness.

When you change things in order to improve yourself that is an evolution of self and that is not a bad thing. When you address an issue that has been holding you back vocationally or socially that is not surrendering your individuality it’s progressing to the best possible version of yourself that you can be.

I want you to have friends, maybe even a spouse someday. I want you to have the joy of being a parent -and the stress- self soothing is a great tool as an autistic parent.

The most important thing though is for you to learn to love yourself. Loving yourself does not mean accepting everything about you as is. A parent loves their child in a healthy family. They accept that child as they are now while promoting and cheering on the personal growth of the child. You can love yourself and still recognize you have room to grow.

I hope I did this article justice. I know it was a sensitive topic but I think someone needed to say it. Please feel free to comment whether you agree or not as feedback is always welcome.


Marcus Morris





11/25/2016 I have a lack of tolerance, for intolerance. How about you?

In advance,  I am sorry for the overly serious post today, I know that it’s not popular when I discuss social issues on my timeline or blog. It isn’t popular with any social activist group because my views fall in the middle across the board. There is room for everyone, so long as we all make room for everyone. There is room for all idea, good and bad so long as we remember that all ideas and beliefs need to be measured against our own moral code, the good of those around us and the possible harm that those beliefs will do to others.
I don’t understand why the concept of equality under the law has always been such a problem for our society. Throughout history different groups in our country have had to fight to be treated with basic human dignity. When one group finally achieves a measure of equality, the venom of the masses seems to turn upon the next group in the list.
Who studies history? Who remembers when the Irish were the Muslims, unwelcome to be here… not wanted as employees and seen as a burden? Who remembers when women were second class citizens in our own country and had to fight for the right to vote? We are all familiar with slavery I am sure. How about interracial couples? Who remembers the hate directed at them?
Now for just a moment, consider that these attitudes are alive and well in our nation. These backwards ways of thinking thrive in small, tight nit communities with little outside influence.
It has taken federal pressure, time and again to get the majority to treat the minority with basic human dignity and respect. In order to get federal attention those minorities have historically made as much noise in as many ways as possible to get their voices heard.
The premise of being a conservative is that you live by a philosophy that we learn from our past, keep what works and do our best not to repeat the mistakes. Conservative values aren’t religious based, they are simple logical values of doing your best to avoid things that didn’t work the first time.
I have spent the past hour or so, debating with someone about the merits of a federal bureau of education versus states being in control at a local level to decide what is taught to students. The other person used arguments against federal oversight because it stopped people from treating others as second class citizens. They were upset that federal guidelines promoted tolerance and acceptance of people that are different than we are.
The attitude that we as a nation can afford to be intolerant and ignorant is flawed. Only in small, rural areas where there is not much influence by the nation or world at large can that ideology flourish. The world is not as big as it use to be. Modern technology makes it possible for the exchange of ideas (good and bad sadly) to move at the speed of light across oceans and mountains.
Those promoting a religious based state run public education system only see their small, insulated communities. They aren’t looking at the demographics state wide. The reality is that if we use religious teachings as the backbone of education and social norms there is a very good chance that you will end up being forced to live according to a faith that is not your own.
I had to delete the original thread because it just wasn’t worth the frustration of essentially arguing with myself.
Tolerance has to be applied equally. You can disagree passionately without having to force others to live as you choose to live or believe. You can offer your world view as an option but you have to be open in turn for others to offer theirs in return.
In a perfect world, all states in our nation would do what is right for everyone by promoting basic human rights, equality and tolerance for those who are different. We all know this is not the world we live in, YET.
I live my life as someone who was born different. I am autistic, yes. I am also the son of a lesbian. I am an orphan. I have been a son to many families and been involved with many different faiths. Because of who I am, I was never able to stay anywhere long enough to develop a myopic world view.  I think that makes me just as different as being born autistic ever has.
Do I agree with every behavior, every act of defiance or every choice made by any particular group at any given time? No. I personally struggle with a few social issues and sometimes with treating others with basic human dignity and respect. I work on myself daily to improve but I am no saint.
The only solution to ignorance is education for our children. The only solution for intolerance is to teach children to be more accepting than we were taught to be. We are already adults, our minds are slow to change and our opinions are set… even mine.
The world, the nation and even the states do not belong to the adults. We are just custodians for the children we raise now. What type of world do you want to leave behind as your legacy?

A brief introduction to the Virtual Community Center, my letter to Ebbe Altberg.

I was diagnosed with autism a few years ago.  During a meeting with my psychologist, second life was mentioned in an offhand comment. He had said that Second Life would be a good way to socialize for me.  Due to my social disorder and the anxiety that goes with it, socializing in person has always been difficult.

I looked into Second Life when I got home and I ultimately used it to transform my real life.  In the real world I have struggled with employment and low self worth when employment fails. I have struggled with social situations and friendships. In a lot of ways I tried to hide from the world because I didn’t think I could ever fit in.

In Second Life I found purpose. I learned real world job skills. I learned how to “put on a show” and be someone else to fill a role. I was a virtual DJ, on stage every night working with an audience. My real personality is more of an introvert even though I talk so much no one might recognize that. I use a wall of words for self defense. 

I learned to be a better version of myself in Second Life and with the help of my Board I am trying to recreate the success I found there with others on the spectrum. So far, I have three success stories. I believe that your platform offers a unique method of social and vocational training that hasn’t yet been tapped effectively and I believe that by using my own life as a template we can all benefit.

The people that need help the most, often can’t afford it. Even with good insurance, the co-pay becomes the difference between eating and going hungry. By creating and further developing Guardian Spirit, Inc. on your platform we offer a free service that can change lives.

In the real world, no one helps for free. I suppose it is a very good thing that Guardian Spirit, Inc. was born in your world instead.

What we hope to accomplish, especially with the help of Linden Labs:

·         Development of a new teaching tool in the form of a HuD game, nonverbal and facial expression training with a point system. Developing this concept will require help from a company like Linden Labs.

·         Vocational Skills training. We recreate real world jobs in Second Life and help our clients work those jobs as if they were real. Real training, real hours and hopefully real world jobs waiting once they are ready.

·         Virtual Community Center and Peer to Peer support. The best help for anyone with special needs is from someone who struggles with the same thing they do and can offer advice and empathy in a nonthreatening way.  For this to work as well as it needs to, we need the stability of one location that will always exist for this purpose. Stability is key, this is something I believe you could help us with.

For more information please feel free to contact me. We would love to build a relationship with Linden Labs as we believe that by working together we can change lives.


Marcus Shane Morris and, (406) 698 1679