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Self Identify as Human

After reading an article about gender fluidity becoming a part of basic health classes in elementary schools, I decided enough was enough and that it was time for me to say something. 

I hope that I have managed to write this article in a friendly, non judgmental and conversational way but I know that no matter how well written that some will respond negatively. To those people I say, I respect your opinion but do not agree with it.

I am an unapologetic agnostic. I love the morality of the Bible, but the mysticism is a bit harder for me to believe in. That being said, I am also someone who is willing to see and admit when there is a problem. There has been a big problem for society since we have taken the Bible away from main stream focus.

While I don’t personally hold to any particular belief of a heaven and hell, sadly many people need that greater power in order to make healthy decisions for them… and to force them out of the bubble of self interest.

We have replaced the word with the web. I am sure any of those reading this can see the irony. We as a society have gotten ourselves trapped in a web of our own creation. 

Once, people who felt different and alienated might seek help from professionals or their community in order to be better able to be part of their community; now we have those people building digital communities of their own online for the sole purpose of finding comfort and to reinforce their faulty self image.

Sadly, there seems to be strength in imaginary numbers. It is easy to convince yourself that you aren’t the one with a problem when you have ten other people agreeing with you who suffer in the same way that you do. After all, how wrong could you be if these other people also share your delusional state?

One of the arguments against having religion as part of the governance of society is that everyone is entitled to their own belief system. You simply are not allowed to force your belief on anyone else. It is considered rude and obnoxious.

How is forcing imaginary gender identities, sexual proclivities and kinks onto others and forcing them to not only accept this as sane but as normal any different than forcing your religion on someone else.

I would argue that this new focus on gender identity is a religion unto itself. It’s a religion OF self. It is self worship and idol building in the pursuit of converting others to your belief system.

A Christian man comes up to you and during the conversation you refer to him with male pronouns. He is outraged, how dare you not use his self identified pro nouns of “Son of Christ” instead of man, boy, etc. He insists that you only use his self identified language in order to communicate with him or you are not respecting his rights as a person of faith.

That same man is now filling out a job application. Under race/nationality he chooses to self identify as “Christian American”. 

Are you curious as to how many eyebrows in the hiring office would go up upon reading that self identification?  During the interview he informs the interviewer that he needs to be addressed by his self identified pronouns as a documented “Christian American.”

 If this were a speech versus an article, I would be asking for a show of hands on how many people believe this “Son of Christ” would get the job he applied for… or if the interviewer would politely say that they have more interviews scheduled and they will get back with him err… sorry… “The Son of Christ” and let them know if a position becomes available.

Would you be outraged if someone chose to “self identify” in this way? Would it bother you if he and those who believed as he did tried to force their “self identity” onto others by showcasing their “lifestyle” in every popular media and slipping it into every book and conversation?

Your personal held beliefs are just that, yours. You can self identify however you choose but you cannot and should not try to force those around you to believe in the same system that you identify with for yourself.

How you see yourself is valid and important but only to you. You have no control over how others see you and why should you ever feel as if you should?

Everyone deserves to be accepted as being human. We can all agree on that. Anything beyond basic humanity however is completely subjective and has no place being forced onto anyone else in order to conform to your self- image.

11/25/2016 I have a lack of tolerance, for intolerance. How about you?

In advance,  I am sorry for the overly serious post today, I know that it’s not popular when I discuss social issues on my timeline or blog. It isn’t popular with any social activist group because my views fall in the middle across the board. There is room for everyone, so long as we all make room for everyone. There is room for all idea, good and bad so long as we remember that all ideas and beliefs need to be measured against our own moral code, the good of those around us and the possible harm that those beliefs will do to others.
I don’t understand why the concept of equality under the law has always been such a problem for our society. Throughout history different groups in our country have had to fight to be treated with basic human dignity. When one group finally achieves a measure of equality, the venom of the masses seems to turn upon the next group in the list.
Who studies history? Who remembers when the Irish were the Muslims, unwelcome to be here… not wanted as employees and seen as a burden? Who remembers when women were second class citizens in our own country and had to fight for the right to vote? We are all familiar with slavery I am sure. How about interracial couples? Who remembers the hate directed at them?
Now for just a moment, consider that these attitudes are alive and well in our nation. These backwards ways of thinking thrive in small, tight nit communities with little outside influence.
It has taken federal pressure, time and again to get the majority to treat the minority with basic human dignity and respect. In order to get federal attention those minorities have historically made as much noise in as many ways as possible to get their voices heard.
The premise of being a conservative is that you live by a philosophy that we learn from our past, keep what works and do our best not to repeat the mistakes. Conservative values aren’t religious based, they are simple logical values of doing your best to avoid things that didn’t work the first time.
I have spent the past hour or so, debating with someone about the merits of a federal bureau of education versus states being in control at a local level to decide what is taught to students. The other person used arguments against federal oversight because it stopped people from treating others as second class citizens. They were upset that federal guidelines promoted tolerance and acceptance of people that are different than we are.
The attitude that we as a nation can afford to be intolerant and ignorant is flawed. Only in small, rural areas where there is not much influence by the nation or world at large can that ideology flourish. The world is not as big as it use to be. Modern technology makes it possible for the exchange of ideas (good and bad sadly) to move at the speed of light across oceans and mountains.
Those promoting a religious based state run public education system only see their small, insulated communities. They aren’t looking at the demographics state wide. The reality is that if we use religious teachings as the backbone of education and social norms there is a very good chance that you will end up being forced to live according to a faith that is not your own.
I had to delete the original thread because it just wasn’t worth the frustration of essentially arguing with myself.
Tolerance has to be applied equally. You can disagree passionately without having to force others to live as you choose to live or believe. You can offer your world view as an option but you have to be open in turn for others to offer theirs in return.
In a perfect world, all states in our nation would do what is right for everyone by promoting basic human rights, equality and tolerance for those who are different. We all know this is not the world we live in, YET.
I live my life as someone who was born different. I am autistic, yes. I am also the son of a lesbian. I am an orphan. I have been a son to many families and been involved with many different faiths. Because of who I am, I was never able to stay anywhere long enough to develop a myopic world view.  I think that makes me just as different as being born autistic ever has.
Do I agree with every behavior, every act of defiance or every choice made by any particular group at any given time? No. I personally struggle with a few social issues and sometimes with treating others with basic human dignity and respect. I work on myself daily to improve but I am no saint.
The only solution to ignorance is education for our children. The only solution for intolerance is to teach children to be more accepting than we were taught to be. We are already adults, our minds are slow to change and our opinions are set… even mine.
The world, the nation and even the states do not belong to the adults. We are just custodians for the children we raise now. What type of world do you want to leave behind as your legacy?