Autism Society of America


One of the many great relationships that I have developed while bringing Guardian Spirit, Inc. to life has been with Janine Kruiswijk. Janine is the Executive Director of the Autism Society, Greater Capital Region chapter. She has been a guide and adviser on life in the nonprofit world and her help has been invaluable.

One of our goals, once the virtual community center is funded is to donate a section to Janine so that the Autism Society of America has a space for an virtual office and resource center. We want to do this so that the information, resources and support that are available through an official Autism Society of America chapter will also be available at our virtual community center. Not every community that need’s a local ASA chapter has access to one so this virtual chapter will be a good resource for everyone.

To learn more about the Autism Society of America, visit their website directly at:

To learn more about Janine’s chapter of the Autism Society of America visit: