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Being diagnosed and living with Autism does not have to stop you from having a full, meaningful life. You can have all of the healthy and happy relationships that neurotypical people do, It just takes a little more work for people like us.

I believe that the level of happiness  I have found in my marriage of almost fourteen years and the love of my two little boys who are also on the autism spectrum is something that every single person on the autism spectrum can achieve even if it is to different degree’s than I have managed.

I created Guardian Spirit, Inc. because I am finally happy and content in my life. I have a loving family, a stable home and even a few good friends. I have social connections that I would never have believed possible and I want that for every other person on the autism spectrum.

I know what it is like to feel alone because you are different. I know what it is like to feel like no one else will ever understand you and because of that you believe that no one can ever really love you as an equal.

Never listen to that cruel little voice when it says that you don’t deserve to be happy because you are different. Never believe for one moment that it is impossible for you to have all the love, companionship and friendship you deserve just because you are different.

You might be different, we all are. You are special. You have value and you deserve to be loved.


Guardian Spirit’s mission is to create innovative technological solutions that drastically lower the cost of treatment for the social and vocational issues faced by those on the autism spectrum, while promoting a community-centric method of support by and for those on the autism spectrum.

Solutions we intend to offer:

  1. Tech review and referral service.
  2. Peer to peer mentorship
  3. Virtual Community Center
  4. Vocational and Social skills training and support

This was our community center at the time of the video, It might change form but the function will remain the same!

What is the virtual community center good for?

1. Building friendships in a nonthreatening way
2. Self esteem / confidence building
3. Great way to build strong sponsorships with others on the spectrum

The cost to run is only about $4000.00 per year and that is just server space rental. Everything is done on a volunteer basis.

If you can donate to help us fund the virtual community center for the first full year, I can have the center built and ready to use in under 24 hours. We are a 501c3, your donation is tax deductible is our PayPal address.

 Marcus Shane Morris

406 – 698 -1679

twitter: @marcmorr6